How do you know if the coffee you are drinking is good quality coffee?

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Good coffee: • Smooth • Bitterness free • Low acid • Stays bitterness free hours after being brewed • Has oils on the beans • The beans are not broken • Has no fillers • Fresh • Has a strong aroma • Full of flavor

Bad coffee: • Bitter • Acidic • Is bitter within a couple of hours of being brewed • Over roasted • Beans break easily (due to being over roasted and or low quality) • No oils on the beans • Barely has a smell

If you would like to do a test at home to find out what kind of coffee you have been drinking follow these few steps: Option 1: Step 1: Get out a white sheet of paper. Step 2: Place a couple of coffee beans on it Step 3: Put light to moderate pressure on it If the coffee bean breaks easily and looks like ash then the coffee was over roasted and is low quality. Options 2: Step 1: Brew coffee (based on your time preference) Step 2: Try a cup after you brew it, write down a description of the taste Step 3: Leave the coffee for a couple of hours, write down a description of the taste Step 4: Leave the coffee for a couple more hours, write down a description of the taste If your coffee taste changes and becomes bitter it is not good coffee throw it away. Coffee is never supposed to be bitter; it is supposed to be smooth and flavorful no matter how light or dark the roast is. Coffee will never become bitter if it is roasted and processed properly. Bitter coffee is very acidic and it can cause ulcers over time.

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    Thanks! I never knew this info! I can’t wait to do the test. I am an Amazon top reviewer and I have blogs and all social media platforms. I just got a sample of your coffee. I was wondering if it was a subscription and I would keep getting charged. I’m looking forward to trying your coffee. If your interested in sending me products to promote your coffee let me know! Thanks

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