We are proud to call ourselves an Environmentally Friendly Company. At Momentto we specialize in roasting coffee to perfection. Every batch is monitored and guided by two computers via customized computer programs. Our roaster is recycling hot air; this operation assures the complete depuration of the smokes and allows considerable combustible saving of about 30-35% of energy. Our facility is certified for good GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) HACCAP certified and Certified USDA Organic. Our roasting and cleaning process is customized, utilizing tools such as; chaff collector, de-stoner, sophisticated cooling tray with automatic air suction, cleaning of any impurities and dust. Our most important aim is to depurate the smokes and at the same time reduce the energy consumption. Thanks to the specially designed machinery and process that we follow, we are able to save energy that is already in temperature and reuse the clean hot air to roast our coffee. Momentto is one of the only roasters that have such sophisticated equipment. In order to insure quality control we cup and taste every single batch. We offer mild to strong taste depending on preference. We guarantee bitter free coffee, with over 50 varieties that cater to every coffee drinker. Once you taste difference you will never buy coffee from anywhere else again.

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